Phil's artwork is the original driving content of Esotropiart. The wide selection available for viewing shows his process of artistic development: literally a lifetime of art, from childhood to present day. The goal is ultimately to circulate everything Phil has ever created. Click on a gallery to start browsing.


Pore over a vast and growing collection of short life articles. Informative tutorials, thoughtful reviews are accompanied by the occasional glimpse into the importance and meaning of life from one man's unique perspective. EsoBlog attempts to unfold the process of life, the underlying theme of Esotropiart.


Behold EsoShow, collections of related images that tell a story. Sometimes the pictures will tell a tale of a grand traveling adventure, perhaps inform by way of a step-by-step tutorial, or simply present a progression of related and sequential images.


Esotropiart is in a constant state of revision. Let's just say it is a work in process. This being the case, here you will find a complete list of all the changes that have been inflicted from Esotropiart's origin as a class project in late 2004 until today.

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