Date Description of Change(s)

What happen?: Main screen turn on!


Further Flash Zoomer Fixes: I really like Flash Zoomer, but it is not very easy to change its size. If the flash file is scaled in the browser, everything is pixelated. If you have the latest version of Flash, you can edit the size and re-export it. I don't have that software. I downloaded the lest polished AS2 version and was able to rescale that one. The advantage being that the images can be my full 600 pixels wide without looking blurry or low resolution. Don't like the controls quite as much, but image quality is important for me.


New Image Zoomer: I had been using Zoomifyer EZ to allow zooming up on large images, especially panoramas. I added support for a better one called Flash Zoomer. EsoShow has been updated to be smart enough to check which zoom script to use for a particular slide.


Rich RSS Feed: Fixed RSS so it is not just one huge, ugly paragraph. Now it has images, basic text formating, etc.


Bike Stats Database: Created database table to store bicycle statistics and entered all previous stats found on EsoBlog and all current data. May eventually be used to developed a stats and graphs page.


Fixed RSS Feed Generator: Wow - been a massively long time since I've made any changes to my site. Actually, I've done a few in the last couple days - mostly small fixes. Fixed RSS feed a bit because Feedburner wasn't validating.


New EsoBlog Topic: After my recent blog entries about journaling I decided it was about time to add a new topic to EsoBlog: Literature, Poetry & Journaling. I attempted to go back through all my posts and add the proper ones to category.

More Accurate Page Modified Times: Previously, the modified dates at the bottom of pages pulled only from the file modified time for the php file that runs the respective pages. Now it pulls also from the database driven content, like blog entries, slideshows, logs, etc., so it actually reflects when the content changes, rather than just the main scripts, which I change less often. This change was made to the EsoBlog, EsoShow, EsoGallery, and EsoLog pages.


Art Added: Fussy Knuckles Meets Zester Malwhistec into Ink Gallery.


Art Added: McDowell Down Jiffy Duel (Draft) into Ink Gallery and Pencil Gallery and Mixed Media.

Art Added: McDowell Down Jiffy Duel into Ink Gallery.


Art Added: Egg White Fun Yuck into Ink Gallery.


Art Added: Total Countertop Madness into Ink Gallery.


Art Added: Super Mane into Computer Gallery.

Art Added: Mutant City Zyobe into Ink Gallery and Colored Pencil Gallery and Mixed Media Gallery


Keeping in a Gallery: Now, navigating through a gallery using next and prev buttons won't jump to a different gallery. This was happening because some art is in multiple galleries. Now, it will detect when you are navigating in this fashion and keep you in that gallery. This was my original intention, but I forgot one itty bitty piece of code to make it work.

Art Added: Master Sun Lu & Son into Ink Gallery

Art Added: Que Bagunça into Ink Gallery

Art Added: Wandering Camel Consortium into Ink Gallery

Art Added: Poor Worrisome Barney Blessed into Ink Gallery

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