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Tipsy Rickshaw (Bad Map Data)

Tipsy Rickshaw (Bad Map Data)

Tipsy Rickshaw is my second experiment with the colored pencil and COPIC marker combination. Certain effects are better achieved with either one of the two media, and others make use of both.

The scenario of the drawing, while quite senseless in overall presentation, has some generic meaning. There is a rickshaw that is about 1/3 regular rickshaw and 2/3 organic oddity. It was invented by some sort of magic for the convenience of its passengers, but it ended up being somewhat of a reject invention. The rickshaw has a mind of its own. It needs no driver as the traditional Chinese rickshaws do. In fact rejects all attempts at controlling it, but will gladly take a person to any destination. Generally speaking the Tipsy Rickshaw travels as the crow flies, in straight lines. It is rare that obstacles are challenging enough to cause it to deviate from its course. While it rarely ever looses its footing or falls on its side, it isn't particularly protective of its passenger(s). If an unknowing person doesn't hold on for dear life, they could certainly get thrown out of Tipsy's seat. Due to the incomplete design, the rickshaw has no handles and a smooth rounded surface, making it difficult to secure oneself during a ride.

The purple rock creature is in fact a manifestation of the wizard who conceived the Tipsy Rickshaw by his magic. Although the wizard banished Tipsy to a solitary location, it quickly found its way back to civilization when happened upon by a desert nomad. Because of Tipsy's dangerous and stubborn nature, it can often cause trouble in the world of men. The wizard tries to keep a tab on its whereabouts at all times and often secretly appears in order to save humans from ruin at Tipsy's expense.

Naturally, none of this plot was in my mind when I was drawing. I made it up just now, as I wrote this description! :)

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