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Monday, June 23rd, 2008 - 3:55 PM

"World Record Contributor"

Mozilla Firefox

Just to prove my nerdship (and friendship loyalties - or to prove nothing, I don't know why I did it really other than the fact that I like Firefox), I joined Dave's venture to get a free T-shirt. I mean to say I helped him in his existential path to freedom and existence by pledging to Download Firefox 3 on June 17th. In so doing, I became part of an amazingly inspiring and deluxe passion adventure "NASA! Modem!" effort to break the world record for most downloads of a single piece of software within a 24-hour period. So, while I will likely never break the world record for number of kicks keeping a soccer ball up in the air, I have at least one world record to my name. Just to prove it and get teeming scores of normal people to laugh and scoff at me, here's proof: Firefox 3 Download Day 2008. I have a printed color copy of my certificate hanging in my office at work. I've already had several inquiries about it. I can't say I feel proud, but I am proud to be weird and nerdy.

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Sunday, June 1st, 2008 - 9:48 PM

"Back in Commission"

I was out of commission for a while. Stuff was happening in life that distracted and discouraged. Then my keyboard was on the fritz. I found another keyboard to use for now. Then the power supply on my computer went out. I just bought a new one, and am finally back in an operable state.

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