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Saturday, June 30th, 2007 - 2:48 PM


I recently discovered that Blender added some very significant modeling tools, including sculpting and multi-res mesh support (now at version 2.44). I have been following the development of Blender for some time now and am greatly impressed at its capabilities. I have seen some of what the latest and greatest of the big name 3D applications have to offer, and they are likely a few steps ahead in the game. However, Blender is quick on their heels, with incredible power to boot (ew, I hate that expression).

Through the years, I have dabbled with a number of 3D programs, including Bryce (4,5,5.5), Poser 4, POVRay (way too technical!), Ray Dream Studio, TrueSpace, Rhino 3D (demo) and others. Basically, I have tried anything I can get my hands on for free or relatively cheap. In general, the world of 3D software has long been impenetrable on a modest or low income (that is, unless you disregard software pirating laws - which I can't feel at east to do). Packages like 3D Studio MAX, Maya, SoftImage and Lightwave have price tags in the multi-thousands of dollars! Now Blender steps into the scene - absolutely free - and it boasts many of the powerhouse features that make those other names great in the industry. Not only that, but the source is open, meaning if you have considerable experience in programming, you can develop tools that rival any package - or at least save you time in the tasks you are accustomed to. Because of this open source concept, Blender is constantly being expanded by a world of talented programmers. Those changes that truly add considerable ease of use or tremendous functionality are added into the compiled package. Open source really is a great concept in that way.

The new sculpting modeler offered by the latest Blender revision caught my eye. I recently updated to see how the sculpting felt. I have toyed with several modeling methods, including mesh, splines, nurbs and metaballs. Of them all, I find this new sculpting method far more intuitive and quick to get amazingly intricate and precise results. Not only that, but it requires perhaps the least amount of skill to turn vision into reality. With the sculpting tool, surface geometry is painted on (or off) using weighted brush tools. I have used weighted brush tools before, but they usually work by pulling vertices in relation to the viewport - which is absolutely stupid and of zero value! Blender's sculpting tool, on the other hand, pulls vertices in relation to the shape's center, perpendicular to the tangent of the surface. So, as the brush curves around a surface in 3D space, it works in relationship to the surface, not the camera/viewport. If you have a hard time visualizing technical verbage like this, you'll have to try it to appreciate it - it is a significant improvement! Don't forget, Blender is free... and impossibly small: the standard download is 8 Megabytes (WHAT!?! HOW!?!).

Last night, restless once again, with thoughts of "Man, I wish I could be doing something different with my life", I was playing with Blender. If I'm dabbling with 3D stuff, you know that's the mood I'm in because I normally try to resist what I feel to be yet another of my many hopeless creative endeavors. Usually when I'm playing around in these moods, I don't produce anything of sense or value. I just enjoy playing with the various tools to see what visual qualities they achieve. What came out of this "playtime" I call QuintaBlobs...


You can find more information on exactly how I created this mostly useless image on EsoGallery.

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Monday, June 25th, 2007 - 9:22 PM

"Jugglisk XIV"


jugglisk: noun

The act of one person keeping a soccer ball from touching the ground using feet and other legal soccer hits (ie. no hands). Quite often the number of hits is counted and recorded.

Additional Information

Tonight I rode my bike down to recently discovered Quimby Park. This was my first time doing jugglisk there by myself. As usual, there was virtually no one there. So far I don't feel like I have to compete for space. As is my custom, I always have an excuse for my performance. Today it was a strenuous bike ride leading up to blaring sunshine. I overexerted myself getting to the park, riding needlessly uphill (I learned this on the way home). I was quite lacking in energy when I arrived. Not only that, but the only significant disadvantage of this new place is that there is no shade on the chosen juggling square. I felt like I was getting a sunburn, and my energy was further sapped.

Quimby Park in Beaverton Oregon

I really like this open space as opposed to being severely inhibited by obstacles and a small playing surface. It is just a matter of time before I beat my record. I thought I had done it today. I was juggling for a seemingly endless period of time. When I finally made a mistake and dropped the ball, I only had 2302! I seriously thought I had already passed my record at this point. Now that I am using my mechanical click counter, I have idea what number I am on.

Jugglisk XIV Chalcord

Jugglisk XIV Chalcord
57 69 49 174 1232
506 2302
Total Recorded Hits: 4389 Average Hits Per Volley: 627
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Monday, June 25th, 2007 - 8:09 PM

"Welcome Debt"

This fourth poem speaks of forgiveness, compassion and resisting the urge to judge. We are reminded in similar fashion to forgive in some of Jesus parables. The brother of the prodigal son struggles to forgive, while the father throws a party upon his son's return Luke 15:11-32. In another story, a man is forgiven a great debt by his master. He later abuses his fellow man because of a very small debt owed Matthew 18:21-35. Oh, but man, forgiveness ain't easy!

Welcome Debt

by Phil
June 25, 2007

Why do you welcome them in?
What they've done is a shameful disgrace!
Have you quickly forgotten their sin,
To be offering such an embrace?
Such a mockery of justice and truth;
You might as well join in their sin!
I say, "Eye for eye, tooth for tooth."
I'll make sure that your troubles begin

For an instant I almost agreed;
What this man had been saying made sense.
The measure of their evil deeds
Was certainly vile and intense.
As I turned to look back at the others,
A truth I came to recognize.
That before me were standing my brothers.
This man's poison had blinded my eyes.

I told the man he was mistaken.
"My friends here are no longer lost.
Lord Jesus their burden has taken;
His scars prove the high price they cost!"
Why do I welcome them in?
Let me tell you, my reason is fine.
Jesus paid the steep price for MY sin,
And there's no sin that's greater than mine!

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Monday, June 25th, 2007 - 3:36 PM

"Wings of Pride"

I don't really know the fullness of meaning (or lack thereof) hidden in this one, even though I wrote it. It could be speaking quite literally of the story of an eagle, building his lofty nest. Alternatively, it could be a metaphor for man and his pride. I don't really know. That's why I used to laugh in English class when teachers and students used to say, "This is what this poem means" or "This is what the poet was trying to get across". That always irritated me because, unless a poet writes a commentary on their own poem, no one really knows what they were thinking after all. Depending on what type of poetry I'm writing, often there are lines that just come out, and I don't know if they mean anything at all. Then again, some of my poetry and artwork is purposely senseless (in the spirit of Supreme Wandering Fist).

You could say that it's partly Mrs. McCormick's fault, because she told us to "write down your ideas". As senseless and frustrating this "assignment" seemed to me as a junior high student, I quite enjoy seeing what flows out of my fat head nowadays. All is fair in art and literature, I guess. If there is such thing as abstract literature (like abstract art), I think it is my style. I should actually advertise this style, for in my opinion, it is profound. I don't really know the meaning behind some of what results from these free thinking sessions, but some of it seems to mean something. You read it and want to know what it means, in spite of the possible lack of intrinsic meaning.

Not that I have any consistency or talent when it comes to meter or rhyme, but I often try little tricks and games. This time I tried to make each alternating line have as many common sounds in similar positions as possible. I like to add random alliteration and make use of other strange techniques - not by great experience or artistic intuition, but just because I like trying. Sometimes this causes for cryptic phrases that seem to have nothing to do with each other. That is entirely possible. Experienced poets would probably scoff at my attempts. I'm just having fun, so I don't care. The theme of this poem (as fuzzy as it is) becomes more apparent in the second half of the stanza.

Wings of Pride

by Phil
June 25, 2007

Willful woe for flowers fade.
Skill with bow and towers made.
Pride erected, lost your way.
Rose detected, tossed in May.
Virtual window, growing wild.
Fears of whimsy, broken child.
Torn asunder, time now lost.
Born of thunder, tempest tossed.
Kingdom earth sealed deep in dust.
Wings with girth wield winded gust.
Trying hard to pass the test.
Flying shard of grass for nest.
Eagle builds abode for birth.
While farmer tills his patch of earth.

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Monday, June 25th, 2007 - 3:26 PM


The second of four poems I wrote late last night, Deadmon is a fuzzy fiction about some of what may have occurred in the grand story of the spirit world as presented in the Bible. Satan was cast down to earth. God cries for the souls that will be lost as the result. He chooses to make it possible for these souls' recovery through Jesus' sacrifice, prior even to their creation, as He knows all things.


by Phil
June 25, 2007

The shrill voice cast over the moon
As midnight's vest unfolds complete.
Shattering window, a coward's boon;
Incomplete shadows at his feet.
"What have you done?" the Archangel told him,
"Why have you settled for lies?"
Hope for the future has grown dim;
Uncreated souls lost in the balance.
Louder, heavenly weeping heard over their cries.

Nothing unseen can be done;
The Father sees only one choice.
Cast into darkness His Son
For those who draw nigh to His voice.
The Lover's lost battle is ending;
Birds, fields and mountains reply.
Shattered glass window is mending;
Unearth thine wind and song,
For sheep of this Shepherd will fly.

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Monday, June 25th, 2007 - 12:32 PM

"Poetry Returns"

Throughout the last couple weeks I have been very introspective and full of thought. I haven't slept much these days. My mind keeps me awake into the wee hours of the night. My latest pastime has been looking through papers and journals from my youth. I see how much more passion and a heart for God that I had. I'll hopefully write more about this later. For a long time I've wished to add a feature to my site that looks back into these different segments of my life, since that is much of what I intended this site to be about. Those additions will come sooner or later.

As a side note, I have Chris to thank indirectly because our fairly recent discussion (see comments on this post) about neology and poetry inspired me to try to find my old poetry and take a look at it. Looking at my old poetry is what inspired me to write these new poems. And yes, Chris, I will eventually get Chon Chon and Cuddley Chang up on my site.

Another thing I lost since my youth is a desire to write poetry. I used to write it quite often. Granted, I was never accomplished in this endeavor, but it brought me peace and often released those emotions that needed releasing. For a couple nights I have toyed with the idea of sitting down to write a poem. To be honest, it comes quite easily to me. I don't need to scour my brain for a topic. It just flows. It may not make much sense or be cohesive, but it comes out, nonetheless. Late last night I managed to write 4 unique and unrelated poems. Since I still haven't implemented my Poetry EsoGallery, I'll share these new poems here.

This first one was written with my Grandpa Honey in mind. It deals with some of the issues that probably haunt him. He struggles with near complete blindness, deafness, and disability. He struggles with not having his joy stolen from him. He is a great man of God, so it seems unfair that had he been born a little later, his eye trouble probably could have seen repair. So this poem speaks, if nothing else, some of what I feel when I think of his plight. Of course hope is offered in the end. Even though we have unanswered questions, we trust that God has kept His promises and is still good... and eternity and fullness of joy await.

Promises Kept

by Phil
June 25, 2007

Cataract in the eye;
Seeing little color and shape.
Counteract and defy
This blurry and darkening drape!
Calls to the Healer unending;
Cast a silence, undress the darkness.
Will of cast iron now bending
Past fears add torment to distress.
Flooding waters and hazy justice;
One age later and he would be free.
Blood from Redeemer can heal this;
What's fair here for him; why not me?
Open the shutters, firecrackers at night;
Don't waste your eyes on a tear!
Raise a flag of white for this servant's plight;
Or never shed light on his fear.
Something is coming, I know it,
Or Someone stands nigh at the door.
Temporal sorrow is no counterfeit;
He'd rather be faithful and poor.
Unending delight, now a dream or a trance,
But soon the darkness will fade.
Eyes and ears restored and bones dance
As the door is opened, for promises made...
...Are His promises kept.

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Friday, June 22nd, 2007 - 11:12 PM

"Shoey So IX"


shoey so: noun

The act of two or more players keeping a soccer ball from touching the ground using feet and other legal soccer hits (ie. no hands), passing the ball between them. Quite often the number of completed passes - not individual hits - is counted and recorded.

Additional Information


empty skull syndrome: noun

The state of having a clear mind, free of distracting thoughts. This vacant condition allows for outside inspiration, relaxation, focus on a single important task, or even restful sleep. The opposite of empty skull syndrome is the presence of busy or flooding and pervasive thoughts, even if no activity is set in motion. These often deep and restless thoughts can either be channeled to great feats of passion or creativity, or they can burden the soul, their host wishing they would disappear entirely.

The death of a blog... yet another post about my juggling experience. Dave and I tried out a new juggling surface I recently discovered at a nearby public park. It is one of those asphalt/concrete squares with a wall erected on one side. Its intended purpose is to practice tennis swings and techniques. We made better use of it. It is a large enough surface to feel free to move about when juggling. Our previous place was essentially a wide path that serves as an entrance to a frequented park and walking path. So often we had to look out for people walking or biking by. This new setting should be more conducive to some successful shoey so . Our problem this time - as it is quite often - is having way too much to talk about. It would almost be better to be sparse acquaintances, so conversation wouldn't be o distracting. Don't get me wrong - conversation with a good friend is perhaps the main reason we get together on Thursday nights. But it's very hard to concentrate and get high numbers juggling while discussing topics that demand mental priority and gestures. So another key ingredient to juggling well is what I will now refer to as empty skull syndrome . Despite our talkativeness, we did relatively well, keeping our average volley in the double digits.

Shoey So IX Chalcord

Shoey So IX Chalcord
26 3 11 17 12 17 22
11 12 9 22 7 1 2
1 17 13 8 40 4 42
20 6 13 12 3 26 8
2 26 8 16 14 42 5
34 3 23 22 14 30 20
18 26 11 26 11 10 8
3 21 20 15 17 18 14
2 28 24 21 10 20 20
12 23 8 13 28 1 54
26 4 9 35 3 14 16
14 17 6 20 66 4 12
26 8 5 18 9 44 74
Total Recorded Hits: 1556 Average Hits Per Volley: 17.1
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Thursday, June 21st, 2007 - 1:02 PM

"The Common Interest People: Fellow Jugglers"

Shoey So VIII

Quite often I go to Albertsons or Safeway to get something to drink. Late last night I went to Albertsons near where we live. As I was leaving the store to get in the car I noticed in a distant region of the expansive parking lot a group of young people juggling a soccer ball. I stood at my door, contemplating for a moment what I should do. After all, it is perhaps once in a lifetime that you see such an opportunity. I see people hacking sack, but never juggling. I'm always looking for people with interest in this specific activity.

I decided to at least drive over to where the jugglers were and make friendly contact. They thought I was coming over to kick them out :) I quickly found out that this group of 3 friends (and the girlfriend of one of them) have a longstanding 4 year tradition to go out to random places to juggle. HOW COOL IS THAT!?. They are friends from school, and after high school they started this gathering where they would simply do what I would call Threeman shoey so . They have their own name for juggling in a circle with multiple players, something like Soccer Kick 2000 or something (I guess they started in 2000?).

After expressing interest in their wondrous activity, I asked to join them. They were quite friendly and allowed me to widen the circle. We moved over to near Arby's, where the light was better. I juggled and talked with them for probably about an hour. It was a blast!

I just can't get over how cool it is to find other people who juggle. There are a lot of people who juggle, but not many who purposely and regularly gather to do so. I may or may not pursue meeting with them on future occasions. I don't want to feel like I am intruding on their tradition. At any rate, it was cool to make part of it last night and to meet these guys.

I have an absolutely ridiculous memory, especially when it comes to remembering names... I'm going to take a stab at it... I think their names were Ethan, Sam, Mark?, and Sarah. I'm not so sure about "Mark"... but it doesn't matter. Sam's specialty, like my own focus, is to keep the ball under tight control, with an impressive personal record of a few hundred. "Mark", as I'm calling him, is quite bold in his techniques with a variety of cool moves under his belt, including a great competent shoulder bounce. He has it down, I'd say. Ethan and his girlfriend are all-around good kickers as well. Ethan - as do all of them - likes to attempt wild kicks and saves. I'd say that all of them are more consistently adventurous in their kicking techniques than I am. I can usually at least attempt to adapt to make some interesting saves, but I have never focused on practicing skillful tricks or cool looking moves.

I had a decent conversation with Ethan, seemingly the spokesperson per se for the group. Interestingly enough, he recently took up learning to play acoustic guitar at about the same time I did. All around, these guys were a great find. Not only do they like juggling, but they seem pretty friendly and welcoming. I'm glad I happened to meet them. They all live in the area, so it is possible I'll see them around somewhere.

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Thursday, June 14th, 2007 - 8:11 PM

"Shoey So VII"


shoey sod: verb

To keep (paste tense verb) a soccer ball from touching the ground using feet and other legal soccer hits (ie. no hands), passing the ball between them. Quite often the number of completed passes - not individual hits - is counted and recorded.


chalcord: noun

A recording of data or events, written using chalk on a surface such as pavement or a chalkboard.

Additional Information


chalcord: verb

To record data or events, using chalk on a surface such as pavement or a chalkboard.

Additional Information

Dave and I shoey sod this evening. Neither of us felt very inspired, and our numbers reflected this sad state. When we were winding down, I decided to continue until we filled one more row in the chalcord . Fortunately we redeemed ourselves (only Christ can truly redeem - not by our own works - but you know what I mean) and concentrated on the last two volleys to get a decent number of hits.

Shoey So VII Chalcord

Shoey So VII Chalcord
7 4 1 4 1
2 12 9 2 44
2 12 7 5 1
40 26 19 3 18
4 21 5 7 16
6 12 10 12 22
2 8 7 34 1
34 6 5 5 9
3 2 2 12 18
2 6 5 10 12
4 14 6 7 3
13 8 6 8 5
12 8 8 72 61
Total Recorded Hits: 752 Average Hits Per Volley: 11.57
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Tuesday, June 12th, 2007 - 11:26 PM

"Jugglisk XIII"

Today was the worst allergy day of my life. I cannot remember so much snot ever coming out of my nose... I know, real appetizing. Well, who said my site was supposed to prepare you for meals? Needless to say, when I went outside for some Jugglisk , I was rather distracted. Due to the combination of allergies and large mosquitoes, I was once again foiled in my attempt to break my record. I felt like control and endurance were present in abundance. These obstacles are really getting on my nerves! My allergy medicine does absolutely nothing whatsoever.

Jugglisk XIII Chalcord

Jugglisk XIII Chalcord
206 56 9 1113 23 1180
210 15 74 99 14 298
Total Recorded Hits: 3297 Average Hits Per Volley: 274.75

At least the night wasn't a total loss. I achieved my goal of 1000+ hits per session - twice!

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Tuesday, June 12th, 2007 - 12:07 AM

"A Mid Summer Night's Drawing"

Teeter Tottering Down the Staircase of Vassail Brokeoff

I have been so restless as of late. My mind has been far too active into the chilling hours of the morning, keeping me awake. Last night I received a pleasant email from my old time friend, Tyler. He is a very talented fellow artist with a very marketable style all his own. Check out his newly redesigned site and amazingly detailed artwork. For inexplicable reasons, I felt led to write a lengthy email to him, revealing some of my hopes and dreams for life, as well as my ever looming uncertainty. I was blessed with an equally lengthy and transparent email from him. In the process, I recalled my drawings and decided to whip one out.

Though the content and meaning (none that I'm aware of) of the drawing have nothing to do with what I wrote to Tyler, I credit him for this drawing. It certainly would not have ever existed devoid of those emails and the thoughts they spawned. I need these reminders every once in a while to motivate and inspire me to at least marginally continue in my creative endeavors.

This particular drawing was a total invention of the early morning, title, concept and all. Often I draw these 3"x5"s from titles that I conceived earlier. I have over a hundred of these titles that need to be made into drawings. Last night I chose to work from the first thing that came to my mind, which for some reason was Teeter Tottering Down the Staircase of Vassail Brokeoff and Your headless cordphones built me up a mighty bulwark.

What makes this drawing unique is the technique I employed to work some curiously "compelling" details into the shaded areas. A week or so ago I was writing words sloppily on a post-it note at work. I started rotating the paper and placing the words randomly and sloppily. I came to realize the curves and scribbles of the words made for an interesting way of shading.

The text I chose to shade Teeter Tottering Down the Staircase of Vassail Brokeoff is Philippians 1:1-6. The reason being, I am considering to study if not memorize the book of Philippians. My friend Doug and I are going to hopefully challenge each other to read more of the Bible and discuss our findings. The first place I felt inspired to go was Philippians. One of the key verses of my life has been "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.". I had a couple occasions in the last week that also led me to this book. I decided it would be appropriate to use the beginning of this text to help shade my drawing.

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Friday, June 8th, 2007 - 10:10 PM

"Jugglisk XII"

Today I did some serious Jugglisk , the best I've done for the season, perhaps in a couple seasons. In the end, I was defeated by a mosquito. I felt totally in control after well over 2000 hits, but record-breaking victory was thwarted by one huge mosquito. It takes more than balance and practice to Jugglisk well. One must have a perfect space without distractions or be able to bear/ignore the distractions. I need a new place to juggle.

Jugglisk XII Chalcord

Jugglisk XII Chalcord
31 351 924 562 292 32
2322 101 170
Total Recorded Hits: 4785 Average Hits Per Volley: 531.7
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Thursday, June 7th, 2007 - 8:50 PM

"Shoey So VI"

Once again, Thursday Guys Night with Dave. We chose our default pastime of late: Shoey So . Dave suggested recording every volley, even if only 1 pass is completed. So we did. This will give us a more realistic average in the end.

Shoey So VI Chalcord

Shoey So VI Statistics
4 13 5 19
58 8 2 12
21 6 6 8
3 6 5 1
6 19 1 4
3 32 15 22
15 1 6 10
13 17 6 45
9 7 16 3
38 63 7 3
23 6 1 5
24 24 3 20
110 20 1 4
Total Recorded Hits: 779 Average Hits Per Volley: 15

Using my favorite Adidas ball, we broke our passing record - for the second time this season (see the first). This evening we got 110 completed passes, a considerable triumph over our previous high of 81. See Dave's post on our record breaking Shoey So.

Today I created a new EsoTerm. The word chalcord means to record with chalk.

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Wednesday, June 6th, 2007 - 11:47 PM

"Jugglisk XI"

Today I did better still at Jugglisk . Sorry if this bores people to death to hear of my juggling. I don't have any time to write of other, more deep topics. Besides, I write more to entertain myself and record things than to entertain others. I couldn't dream of what might be interesting to you, and you, and you...

Jugglisk XI Chalk Records

Jugglisk XI Chalk Records
177 20 235 59 57 72 153 76 1196
249 317 776
Total Recorded Hits: 3387 Average Hits Per Volley: 282.25

I finally overcame the barrier of 1000 hits today (more of a personal goal than a barrier). My average was up again though I didn't stay out quite as long.

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Tuesday, June 5th, 2007 - 11:08 PM

"Jugglisk X"

I finally reach the tenth post about Jugglisk . If I was doing the amount of exercise my body needs, I'd already be looking up the proper roman numerals for my titles. Today I didn't do half bad, but my goal was to at least break 1000. I need to attain that level of consistent control if I am going to progress. Didn't make it there today, but I'll keep trying. I used my old Brazilian ball (I bought it in Brazil). I quite like it. It has been sitting completely deflated in my closet for some years now. I flattened it so I could fit it in my suitcase. When I realized my other two soccer balls were in the car (and the car wasn't at home), I went hunting for this third ball. I'm glad I found it. It was a little lopsided at first due to such a long time being flattened, but I think I worked out the irregularities with my Severe Equality Phasar Kick McBeelong Fal-Choy Mité-Anduardos.

Jugglisk X Chalk Records

Jugglisk X Chalk Records
135 49 23 208 20 6 256 108 43 71 45
64 71 785 62 642 265 65 768 268
Total Recorded Hits: 3954 Average Hits Per Volley: 197.7

I guess I should be quite pleased because my average number of hits per volley more than doubled since my last attempt, not to mention more total hits (equals more exercise) and a much higher high score. Still a long way from my record though. I'm thinking once again that the small space I limit myself to may be key. I would probably have better luck beating my records in a wide open space.

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Sunday, June 3rd, 2007 - 9:17 PM

"Shoey So V"

Last Thursday Dave and I got together again to play some Shoey So . Conditions were far less than ideal. The weather was a wee bit too hot for exercise-type activities. There were more people out than I ever remember seeing in our neighborhood, and the place we choose to juggle is a thoroughfare entrance to the park. The worst was my ridiculous allergies. I was sneezing and snotting everywhere and couldn't concentrate worth a single bean, much less a hill of them. We didn't break any records, but surprisingly we got some decent volleys. Had my allergies not been so HORRIBLY BOISTEROUS we might have once again broken our record.

Shoey So Chalk Records

Shoey So V Chalk Records
9 8 7 7 9 10
35 24 15 23 21
11 9 9 23 18
7 9 12 11 13
17 9 22 23 39
47 8 17 7 8
Total Recorded Hits: 487 Average Hits Per Volley: 15.7
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Sunday, June 3rd, 2007 - 9:04 PM

"Hot Stuff Inside"


boigis: noun

Derived from an unusual pronunciation of the word "burgers", this word can be used in reference to anything that relates to food. Technically the relationships can be rather loose, but there are sensible limitations. For example, "beef", "ranch dressing", "lunch", "buffet" and "asparagus" can be defined this way, but "truck", "silver" and "eagle" should not.

The most common use of the word is to refer specifically to the restaurant, Burger King. This can usually be discerned by the context of the word's use: "Let's go to boigis." means "Let's go to Burger King", for example.

Additional Information

Hot Stuff Inside Burger King

I'm sure my eyes have taken in this cheap tape job subconsciously, as Dave and I have oft visit this boigis . However, I had not to my knowledge looked closely enough to see what the tape said. Makes me curious to know what sort of Hot Stuff is inside... well, not really. In fact, I don't care at all. I just thought it would give me something random to write about.

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